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Reasons Why You Should Have Your Floor Sanded

Nowadays, many people are considering home renovations and improvements to be part of their lifetime investment. Some of the home improvement include floor restoration, kitchen and basement remodel. When it comes to floor sanding, it does not matter if your floors are known, antique floors, battered floors or old floors. Floor sanding restoration or sanding is one of the ideal ways to add style and character to your home or business premises. Wooden flooring does not correct germs or dust, and it’s durable and easy to clean. If your floor has worn out, here are the major benefits you can get from floor sanding.

  • Improved aesthetics

Timber floor polishing Melbourne comes with aesthetic benefits as it makes the floor appear smoother, more beautiful and newer. Floor sanding scraps off the worn out old layer at the top which bears stretches and marks and brings a new layer from below. The new layer brought up can easily soak stains and appears fresh for a long time giving your home an appealing new look.


  • Increase floor durability

Another benefit associated with floor sanding is the fact that it makes the floor more durable. Floor sanding is one of the perfect methods you can use to ensure that your wooden floor lasts for a reasonable number of years. During the sanding process, any splintered wood is removed from the surface thus other sections of the floor are prevented from being destroyed. After sanding, the floor is usually coated with a new fresh layer of coat. The coating provides enough protection against corrosive substances which would otherwise reduce the lifetime of your floor.

  • Freshen up the room

Floor sanding does not only enhance the appearance of your floor but also freshen up the whole room. Also, it improves the lighting in the entire room thus making your space more appealing and stylish. The light gets spread in the correct way enhance the atmosphere of the whole room. A positive change in the atmosphere in your rooms makes the room livelier.

  • Great savings

Before the sanding process, any destroyed or damaged section of the floor is repaired then and there. Such early repair prevents the problem from spreading out and hence saves you money that you would have spent in repairing a larger area. All the minor damages in the floor are repaired without incurring extra cost.

  • Sanding levels the ground

One of the main motivations of wooden floor sanding is that it levels the ground. You will note that after your floor has been sanded, it becomes leveled and even. As such, it will be hard for dust and germs to collect in any part of your floor. Therefore, the floor is in a better position to maintain a cleaner state thus will require less frequent cleaning and mopping activities. Once the floor has been leveled, it gets much easier to walk on since friction is reduced. The resistance of the floor to movements decreases. Also, it becomes simpler to lay carpets and placing different furniture since the contours in the floor are removed. Get in touch here