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6 Exhilarating Entertainment-Packed Acitivities to Do in Auckland, NZ

New Zealand’s most happening, populous city brags about some of the country’s best attractions with mesmerising museums and several cultural institutions, like the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the dazzling Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, along with family-friendly entertainment options like the riveting Sky Tower to places perfect for animal-enthusiasts like the Auckland Zoo and the Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary.


The breathtaking views at the Waiheke Island, the picturesque look of Cornwall Park and Mount Eden, while the beauty of Rangitoto Island will leave nature lovers gasping for more. For truly ionic kiwi attractions, there’s the intriguing Waitomo Glowworm Caves and the fascinating Hobbiton Movie Set for people interested in films.


We have charted out a list of top 7 super fun entertainment-loaded activities for you and your family to enjoy on your next trip to Auckland.

EcoZip Adventures at the Waiheke Island                                      

 For some adrenaline-charged fun, take a trip to the scenic Waiheke island where a fantastic, fun, eco-friendly zipline adventure awaits you and your family. Zip through the trees with your entire family aboard the flying fox, which includes 200m zip lines, a great mini tour of the gorgeous parts of the island and a bush walk.


Airline Touring Fun

For simply breathtaking escapes to top destinations of Auckland, lodges, volcanoes, restaurants, beaches, islands and so much more, consider an airline tour. These tours are so varied with a so many options to choose from that the mind boggles.

From a seaplane tour with an amazing cuisine by award-winning chefs and food joints, to marvellous helicopter tours that show you the scenic city of Auckland in the best way possible – up, away and above – these tours have something memorably entertaining for every visitor.

The Amazing Maze ‘n’ Maize


The Amazing Maze’n Maize is actually positioned in a seven hectare ginormous paddock with multiple kilometres of intricate paths and intriguing puzzles to solve along your way. When it comes to entertainment offered here, rest assured that there is tons for you and your whole family to indulge in – from wobble boards, to stilts and hoopla hoops, to walking planks and inflatables like the inflatable maze and an inflatable rock climbing area. Plus, there is the added attraction of a massive water slide.


Had had enough? Pop in next door to the Spookers Haunted Attractions for some ghostly fun.


Waitomo Glowworm Caves                                                                        

    This stunning world-famous natural wonder, which can be found at around 120 miles south side of the wonderful city of Auckland, features an entrancing boat ride through the amazing Glowworm Grotto, where thousands and thousands of glowworms dazzlingly illuminate the cave ceiling.

This is a must-see for every visitor to Auckland as these tiny, dazzling creatures are just found in New Zealand.

These gorgeous caves deserve a thorough exploration, but do remember to not bring in your video and still-shot recording gadgets as photography and videography is not allowed.


Exploratorium – Science Play Room

Exploratorium is a one-of-its-kind mesmerising science playroom which provides a great platform for captivating and engaging your children, as it sparks innovative, intriguing and imaginative learning, and all that through complete hands-on playful science based experience.

For families, this place is a must-visit as it will simulate your children’s curiosity like nothing else and they’ll get to explore a plethora of activities with you, like arts, engineering, maths, technology and so much more.

You can even host a party for your child there to make the trip even more memorable.


Tasman Trails                                                                                        

Another attraction for the family, these explorative trails are a self-guided way of tracking a treasure hunt with hours of fun built-in. Find the missing superhero – the Incredible Shadow, unlock the secrets to the Auckland treasure trail, and discover the heinous villain – all while you explore the beauty and wonders of Auckland. Feel free to reach out here .